Who Are We? (and how do you say it?)

Welcome to Tszuj! - zhoosh, zhooj, zhoozh, jooj, jeuge, joosh, joodge. However you spell it, I have always lived by the mantra "Tszuj it up" made famous by Carson Daly. Tszuj means to finesse, tweak, rearrange, and make better - to make it new, exciting, and interesting!

There is not a feather, sequin, faux fur, fringe, tassel or pompom that hasn't had my name on it! Couple this with my love of the beach, nature, natural fabrics, asian culture, karma and kindness - and the foundation of my brand "Tszuj" is born! Please enjoy. I look forward to sending you your own little Tszuj treasures. 

Be Kind to ALL creatures my friends. 

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