Boho Schmoho - What is Boho you ask!

What is Boho? Of late you will see it defined across a lot of media and interior style publications, as well as fashion trends. 

Boho yes can be a look - but it is also a feeling, a way of life. Boho means free, unrestrained, playful, pushing boundaries, breaking rules, challenging conventions, up-cycling, repurposing, thrifting. It is however also luxury, texture, natural materials, sparkle, fur (faux) tassels, pompoms, sequins, shells, leather, concrete, wood, cotton, linen. Dreamy nets and crushed fabric. Music, art, dance, books, films, candles, food. love, excess, happiness, love. Freedom. Easy living. Judgement free.

It really crosses boundaries. As a self proclaimed Boho Princess - I throw things together, am constantly upcycling and changing the colours of my interiors - however it always just works. However my style, Boho style andtreasures would fit in as well to all traditional decorating styles such as Industrial, Scandi, Hollywood Regency, or Mid Century Modern.
Throw them all together, in good taste and see what happens. But honestly a lovely macrame wall hanging, a textured rattan basket, or beaded chandelier can lift any of the more rigid/traditional styles of decorating.
Boho style can be minimal and understated, or full on feathers, frills and sparkle. It can be cost effective or luxurious. It’s whatever makes you happy, and makes you feel comfortable, cosy, safe, relaxed, inspired, peaceful, excited....... It improves our lives every day. It is you!
My own style is quite maximalist - full of luxurious textures - feathers, wood, jute, macrame, bamboo, statement pieces with up-cycled “opshop” and roadside finds, neutral colours with pops of colour and sparkle. Of course there are plants at every turn. Boho can be simple and minimal too - focusing on the mix of texture and design to make it's statement.
We all aspire to create a haven for ourselves and our family and pets. From a beach inspired “jungalow” to an ultra modern penthouse, boho style decor items can lift your design - add a little or a lot.
So long as you realise that boho is about being free and mixing and matching styles and textures, colours and shades - to suit you and your interior - your are set! The time for rigidity and conformity to a rule in order to create a beautiful haven for yourself is gone. Nor should it cost you the earth!!
That is why I designed my brand Tszuj  - inspired by the beach, the forest, nature, spirituality, various cultures, and my mantra to “add a little oomph... always”.
You are you, so the items are handmade and bespoke - so of course if you need a certain size, colour, material - or even something that is not currently part of my collection - hit me up Sister - I’ll make or source it for you!

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