I'm Renting - No It's Not A Dirty Word! (Part 2)

Plants are our friends. Plants make people happy. Living in a "Jungalow" style space with plants indoors and out - hanging in planters, in pots, trailing over architecture and fittings - is a hallmark part of the relaxed, mindful bohemian.

Plants are great for our mental and physical wellbeing. We are all aware that the take in our carbon dioxide and release oxygen, they purify our air of toxins, control humidity. They make us feel calm and relaxed, and caring for plants can reduce anxiety and loneliness. We are designed to live in a natural environment and when we live our lives amongst natural and organic textures and plants our very biological make up excels!

For the renter - adding plants in pots and planters are a amazingly easy way to stamp our personality on our space and create a very nurturing and personal environment for ourselves and our loved ones.

However - when it comes to installing those amazing, statement waterfall like hanging plants- as renters can be challenging to not permanently place hooks in ceilings and walls etc,

Never fear there are solutions again if you think outside the square and repurpose some of the amazing products about.

By using the Command 3M Large Hooks which hold up to 3.4kg

3M Command Hook as promoted by Tszuj

- a wall like this can be easily achieved. Get creative with shells or wood cut outs to disguise the hooks!

boho coastal pot hangers to create greenery in a rental

Create your own stunning version of a green wall in your outdoor dining area using various hanging planters and varying heights simply tied with rope from existing fittings. Use the diversity of different styles of hangers and plants, or the uniformity of identical ones to create pattern and repitition.

Indoors again the extremely versatile 3M Broom Gripper can be used from the ceiling to hold smaller planters from the ceiling. Always check correct weights though - however stunning results can be achieved.

Simply hanging your hanging pot planter from exisitng curtain tracks can be so effective and eventually you can train your trailing plants up around and through the track. Or again using curtain rods or dowel with the large 3M Hooks - this great alternative to curtains can be achieved easily as well!

Pots with greenery as curtains!

And then to create your own hanging planter green wall with a difference - simply use a portable hanging clothes rack completely filled with your hanging plants. Use a few side by side to hide an ugly or uninteresting wall.

A more traditiobal style green wall can be achieved in a couple of ways. Create panel  of square wire with multiple pots with plants clipped to it and lean agains the wall.

Or create a gallery wall of many  smaller plants planted in hession pockets an hung on the walls using the large heavy duty 3M wall hooks - wait - I'm off to do this now!!!!!


 Boho beachy interior green wall

Boho beachy coastal decor hessian pockets to create a green wall for renters

We have a range of stunning pot plant hangers available to create your own calming, peaceful Jungalow - renter or not!

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