Bags and Clutches
Stunning elegant wooden beaded chandelier - festoon style in teal add a touch of luxury to your home or wedding
Macrame Body Cushion/Bolster
Tribal Shell Necklace
Feather and Shell Wrist / Ankle Cuff - Fashion Accessory or Decor
Feather JuJu Hat Tribal Wall Hanging - Multi Natural
Macrame Intricate Circular Swing Seat / Hammock
Macrame Mirror Wall Hanging
Macrame Plant Hanger Cords
Natural Rattan Fringed Boho Luxe Mesh Style chandelier
Tribal Necklace White Cowrie Shell
Macrame Hanging Shelf
Tribal Necklace Round Cowrie Shell
Tribal Necklace White Cowrie Shell
Macrame Fringe Shelf Wall Hanging