About Us

I love interiors. Through so many of life's challenging moments, my home has been my haven, my shelter and protection, and also my inspiration and creativity. Like most of us - I haven't always been able to go out and buy whatever I want - and if I do say so myself I have become expert at making stylish pieces that have been the envy of my friends. When I am inspired by a new look or trend - I don't think "where can I go to buy that?" but rather "what do I have that I can make to look like that?" Change is good and great - we all evolve - and why shouldn't our interior decoration and furniture?

I love the beach and must live near it. It's calm and healing presence has been solace in many trying times. I identify with the colour and cultures around the world, and particularly love the teachings of Hindu, Buddhisim - Kharma and Zen.

Friends entering our house always love the good "vibes" felt in our home. I have come to know what "looks good" - what works and feels good together - even when it shouldn't.

I love natural materials and textures - wood, wool, silk, stone, cotton, jute and sparkle. And plants - plants, plants, plants - they are literally life!

Tszuj was born from these beliefs - and that overriding one that  that style has no rules and can cross boundaries. I strive to bring you a little style and culture from across the globe - providing a luxe feel without the high price. Style should be available to all.

We are a totally bespoke service. So yes I have items for sale on our site. However they will be made especially for you - so modifications to size, colour and pattern are welcome. The piece I provide will be totally customised for you! Accordingly delivery may not always be immediate. Myself or my makers will take time to lovingly craft your piece for you! It is not like buying a standard piece off the rack. We know you will embrace this and excitingly anticipate the delivery of your personalised piece. We hope they will become heirlooms!

My treasures, crafted with love - to become yours!